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to the 50-th anniversary of Grigori Frid mono opera
Anne's Voice
...dedicated to all girls’ voices interrupted by the war...
The Diary of Anne Frank, the memoir that has touched the hearts of millions, was given an extra dimension by the 20th century Soviet composer Grigori Frid (1915-2012). In his opera, Frid selected passages from the diary of a 13 years old Jewish girl, Anne Frank, who was hiding with her family in a house in Amsterdam from 1942 until their arrest by the Nazi police in August 1944.
Grigori Frid’s opera is the only operatic version of the book translated into 70 languages. In summer 2012, Operabase.com listed it as the most frequently staged lyric work by a living composer.
The composer came across Anne Frank’s diary in 1969 and immediately conceived the idea of a musical staging. Vivid and memorable, this dramatic opera recreates the world of Anne Frank in living in hope for freedom and peace. In the 60-minute performance, Anne reveals her emotional pressure, profound thoughts, moral power, reflections on the first romantic feelings and unbending will to live. Her different moods and emotions, her pleasures and fears – all find moving and expression in the Frid’s score. The opera was first performed in Moscow in 1972.

Marking the 50-th anniversary of this historical production, The Diary of Anne Frank will be presented in a way it was performed for the first time – only voice and piano.

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